Cancel the event honoring Jair Bolsonaro at the American Museum of Natural History

In case you haven’t seen this yet, the American Museum of Natural History will be hosting Brazil’s neofascist president Jair Bolsonaro in an event organized by the Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce). You can find more details here: and in the message below.
If you are inclined to do so, please support the movement that has been working to prevent this from happening. The message below lists a few options for how we can add our voice of opposition to this outrageous event where Bolsonaro will be honored as “person of the year.”
Please share this among your networks.
Obrigada pela solidariedade.

Please cancel this agreement and make clear that AMNH will have no part in honoring a climate-change denier that is homophobic, racist and that represents the worst of far-right extreme politics. Me and many others in the Brazilian community here in NY are planning to mobilize around this but, before we went further on that, I wanted to ask if there are new developments on AMNH’s side or if you can share a timeline of when this decision will be made.

Hi folks, as some of you may have heard, the American Museum of Natural History will open its doors to an event (sponsored by the Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce) that is planning to honor Jair Bolsonaro as “person of the year” on May 14 here in NY.  
We cannot allow this to happen.  Last night they tweeted “deep concern” and said they are reviewing options so this is the moment to keep the pressure on — it seems like their most engaged-with tweet this year with already 900+ comments.
Here are 5 things you can do help stop this:
1- reply to the Museum’s tweet from last night asking them to cancel
2- share the news to your networks (here’s my own post – feel free to use if helpful or create your own 😉
3- call their press relations dept to express your dismay – I just reached them at 212.769.5800 (you can also email if you prefer, see what I sent below if you want some ideas!)
4- check out their Board of Trustees and see if you have any ins with any of those folks (and if so reach out and ask them to speak up!)
5- spread the word! blog, tweet, post! 
Please add to this list!!!! I’m sure there are groups already planning protests as there was some beautiful resistance last year when Sergio Moro was honored at this very forum.
The Brazilian community in NY will not stand for this outrage!!  Cancel the gala!!!!!
In solidarity,P

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  1. YES !!!!! The event in the US National Museum of Natural History has been cancelled.
    Enough voices denounced the incongruity of this decision, and we won this little battle. Now, let’s go and keep fighting on other fronts!


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